Mission Statement

We are a  ministry that wants to reach out to the community one person at a time. 


We  believe in changing lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ one soul at a time. We want to see lives transformed, empowered, and renewed. We want everyone to excel, in their relationship with Jesus, their family, community, and Nation.


Our Aim and purposes is to Worship the God of Jedea-Chriistian. The Johovah, Yah-weh, the one true God.  To Teach the entire Word of God according the the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Minister to the Spritual needs of it Congregation and the community. We aim to Minister to the hurting, sick, and lost of this world. To show them the Love and compassion of Jesus Christ. To raise up others to teach and preach, and minister God's love to all they come across in this world.

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